Online Ordering Tips

Do I have an online account?

If you have ever placed an order with Realsense Consulting and provided an email address to us, you have an online account and password. If you cannot locate your password, Click here to recover it. If you’ve forgotten your e-mail address, please contact us and a customer service agent will assist you.

Why do I need an account?

Your account gives you access to many free benefits, including free online Courses, course starter materials, professor-recommended links, and the ability to stream select purchases to your computer or mobile device. You also have access to your order history, billing and shipping information for quick ordering. You can manage your account information by visiting My Account.

Order by mail

Inside of our catalogs you will find a mail order form. If you are unable to locate the mail order form, you may write your order on any piece of paper or print the order form here. Please print legibly so we may process your order without undue delay.

Please include:

  • Your Name, address, phone number (and/or) your Customer ID number
  • The shipping address
  • The priority code from your offer
  • The course(s) you would like to order and the advertised price
  • Your Shipping, Processing and Lifetime Guarantee fee
  • Any coupon codes you may have
  • Method of payment (Include a check or write down your Card number, with the expiration date for your Credit Card)

Send the order to:
Realsense Consulting Pvt Ltd
287-A, Naramau, Mandhana
Kanpur-209217 Uttar Pradesh (INDIA)
Phone: 0512-2770038


Applicable local, state, or international taxes may apply to your order.

International Orders

Libraries and Institutions

We accept purchase orders

Realsense Consulting accepts credit cards or purchase orders from public and community libraries, school districts and charter schools, colleges and universities within the India, US and Canada. Organizations and businesses not included in this list may order using a credit card, check, or money order in US funds.

Our Accounts Receivable Department requires the completion of a credit reference form on all new accounts, along with the purchase order.

We will bill institutions if a copy of a purchase order is mailed or faxed to us, after a credit reference form is completed and verified. In lieu of a purchase order, we will also accept a letter on your organization’s letterhead stating which courses you would like to purchase along with their prices. Once received, please allow 3 to 5 business days for the processing of your Purchase Order. Institutions have 30 days to submit payment for the purchase order or return the items.

Terms & Conditions

Tax Exempt Institutions:

Institutions from certain states and provinces may be subject to taxes when placing an order. If your institution claims a tax exemption status, tax exempt documentation must be received and processed with our company prior to an account being marked as such. Please contact and include a signed copy of your tax exemption certificate. We will respond to your inquiry within 24-48 business hours. Once received, please allow 3 to 5 business days for the processing of your tax exemption.

Instant Video and Instant Audio Formats:

Purchase of Instant Video and Instant Audio content is available to private individuals only. Institutions are eligible for the DVD, and transcript formats of our courses.

Electronic Payments/Direct Deposit:

Purchase Orders may be paid by NEFT, RTGS, Credit Card, check, or money order in US funds. Electronic Payments and/or Direct Deposit are not accepted.

Contact Information for Institutions:


Phone: 0512-2770038
Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Friday.
After hours, an automated voice mail system is available.


Realsense Consulting Pvt Ltd
287-A, Naramau, Mandhana
Kanpur-209217 Uttar Pradesh (INDIA)

Shipping, Processing, & Guarantee (Domestic Orders)

Merchandise Total
Shipping & Handling
INR 0.00 – INR 1000.00 INR 50.00
INR 1000.01 – INR 10000.00 INR 100.00
INR 10000.01 – INR 100,000.00 INR 200.00
INR 100,000.01 + INR 500.00

When you order either by phone or online, we fulfill your order immediately. Digital purchases are available to begin streaming instantly, and 99% of DVD orders placed by 11am IST go out the same day. Orders placed after 11am IST ship the next business day. Shipments are sent via India Post, FedEx. Allow 4-8 days for delivery. Expedited shipping, except for P.O. Box orders, is available for an additional charge.

We charge a flat shipping, processing, and guarantee fee based on your total order. (That means when courses are on sale, you get more than twice as much material for the same rate!)

How Do You Ship International Orders?

In general, orders to residences outside of India are shipped via FedEx International. Please note that international orders sent to locations outside of the UK, Australia or Canada generally incur the duties and taxes as dictated by the governing state and will be paid by the courier at the border. The courier may charge a service fee for covering this transaction.

International P.O. Boxes

For orders going to Australia, FedEx International will initiate the delivery and hand off to a second courier to finalize the shipment to the P.O. Box.

Realsense Consulting can ship to other international P.O. Boxes via USPS International only. Please note that orders sent to residences in countries other than Canada generally incur the duties and taxes as dictated by the governing state and will be paid by the courier at the border. The courier may charge a service fee for covering this transaction.

When will my order arrive?

Most international orders arrive within 14 business days from the time your order was placed. Please note, this is an estimate and we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date due to varying international customs policies. Please check with your local customs office for more information.

International Shipping, Processing, and Lifetime Guarantee

Please refer to the chart below to calculate these charges on international orders. These costs are standard rates and may not be applicable to all shipments.

Merchandise Total
Shipping & Handling
Up to $99.99 $30.00
$100.00 – $299.99 $45.00
$299.99 and up $60.00
Merchandise Total
Shipping & Handling
$0.00 – $80.00 $15.00
$80.01 – $120.00 $20.00
$120.01 – $160.00 $25.00
$160.01 + $30.00
Merchandise Total
Shipping & Handling
Up to $99.99 $40.00
$100.00 – $299.99 $60.00
$299.99 and up $80.00

*Europe/Asia does not include The European Union.

What Customs Fees and Taxes are associated with International Orders?

Delivery and customs fees vary by country. Please note that you are responsible for any custom fees that may be charged. Please refer to your local customs office for more information specific to your location.

For Orders Shipping to Canadian Residences:

Realsense Consulting collects applicable GST, HST, PST, and QST at the time your order is placed and remits the proper amount to Revenue Canada. By placing your order, you authorize Realsense Consulting to use its FedEx customs broker to obtain customs clearance for your merchandise. Realsense Consulting are manufactured in the India and are not assessed duty.

Are there Countries to which you do not ship?

We do not ship to The European Union, China, Cuba, Colombia, Russia, Serbia, North Korea, Brazil, or Iran.