Thing to know about your Facebook Settings:

Go to the Drop down link and Click Settings


This is the Main Setting Page where you can change all type of Settings in your Facebook Account


General Settings- In General Setting you can Edit your Name. Username, Email ,Password, Networks, Language and Temperature


(In General Settings you can also Download a Copy of your Facebook Data) by clicking it.







Security Settings – In this you can Edit your Login Notifications, Security Codes, App Password, Trusted Contacts, Browsers and Apps.


Privacy Settings- In this you can Edit: Who can See your Stuff, Who can Contact you, Who can look you up using Search Engines, your Email address and Phone number.


Timeline and Tagging- In this you can Edit: Who can add things to your Timeline, Who can see things on your Timeline, How can you manage Tags people and Add Tagging Suggestions.


Blocking- You can Manage Blocking Settings by Editing your Restricted list, Block Users, Block App Invites, Block event Invites, Block Apps, Block Pages.


Notifications- You can Edit Notifications settings on the Basis of:
( How you get Notifications on Facebook and Email) & (What you get Notified about ? Is that the Activities that involve you, Close friends activity, Birthdays, Your friends life events, Tags, Pages you Manage, Group Activity, App request and Activity).


Mobile- Activating allows Facebook Mobile to send text messages to your phone. You can receive notifications for friend requests, messages, Wall posts, and status updates from your friends. Click Add a Phone to add your mobile number, as soon as it is added Facebook will send you a confirmation Code, type the code in the space provided and hit Confirm.


Followers- Followers see your Posts in News Feed. Friends follow your Posts by Default, but you can allow people who are not your friends to follow your Posts. Use this setting to choose who can follow you.
Each time you post, you choose which audience you want to share with.


App Settings- You can Edit settings or Remove your Installed Apps, Edit Apps, Website and Plugins and much more as mentioned below


Facebook Ads- You can manage facebook Ads from here


Payments- In Payment Settings you can View and Manage your Total Subscriptions, Purchase History, Payment methods, Preferred Currency, Shipping Address.


Video Settings- You can still change the quality of a video you are watching by clicking the HD icon in the video player.