How to guide on the Facebook

Your Home Page and the Wall on Facebook.com

Your Home Page and the Wall 1.0 Things to know about Home Page: 1.1 Default Favorites: Welcome- You will see the Welcome Link only if you are New Facebook User and you can Click it to Access the areas of your Profile that you still need to fill or Update. After you’ve been using for [...]

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Finding and Adding Friends on Facebook.com

Finding and Adding Friends 1.0 How to Accept Friend Request (If one of your Facebook Friend wants to connect with you on Facebook he/she sends a friend request after accepting the request you both can post comments on each others wall, receive each others latest updates and can do private messaging). 1.1 As soon as [...]

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Signing up and creating a profile on Facebook.com

1.1 Open your browser by Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/ 1.2 A Signup page will open with Sign up and Login option 1.3 Fill the Sign up details to create your Facebook Account: Step 1. First Name and Last Name Step 2. Enter your Email Address and re confirm it on Step 3. Step 4. Type your [...]

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Introduction of Facebook.com

What is Facebook ? •It is a free social networking website on which you can interact with friends, family, co-workers etc. Why Facebook is essential for an Individual ? • Well from Individual’s point of view you can make New Friends by joining Groups. • The Website allows you to share with others what you [...]

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Overview of the Basic Course on Facebook.com

Overview   Introduction Signing up and Creating a Profile Finding and Adding Friends Your Home Page and the Wall Updating Your Status and Sharing Content Managing Photos and Videos Sending and Receiving Private Messages Chatting Searching Facebook Facebook Groups Facebook Applications Creating a page for your Business Protecting your Privacy and Staying Secure Taking a [...]

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